Centered Spine & Joint

Here’s what patients are saying….

I suffered a minor ankle sprain during a trail run several weeks ago. I kicked and tripped over a rock and I noticed some tenderness/pain the following day. I’m very happy to have been referred to Centered Spine and Joint by a colleague. Dr. Corey and his team provide a relaxing; but to the point environment, in which they were able to listen to my needs and formulate an adequate approach to my situation. As an athlete and a Massage Therapist with 10+ years of experience, I was very satisfied with this clinic and I am now confident with recommending them to my clients in the future.

Andres C.

The staff is personable and really cares about how my body is feeling and improving. I am more active and strong to do anything I want.

Lynne M.

Dr. John and Dr. Corey are great, very Thorough and explain everything that’s going on. They really want to help you have the best life! And the front office staff are nice and helpful. 10/10 recommend!

Ramey M.

Dr. Corey and his team are amazing. Jennifer does a great job making sure you feel welcome. She’s great at keeping the Drs. On time. Corey is so knowledgeable and actually takes the time to explain what’s going on. LOVE these guys

Robert Kemp

Very helpful exercises, stretches & adjustments. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable & take time to answer any questions.

Rebecca H.

Dr. Cory and John are really skilled. They are very kind and spend quality time with you. I had immediate relief after the first visit. The office is neat, clean and well equipped. I have been to a number of chiropractors over the years and I believe Centered is one of the best.

Cliff W.

Dr. Idrogo and staff are amazing. Very knowledgeable and not overbearing with treatment plans like other chiropractors I have visited.

Kelly Z.

I have been seeing John Fee since this summer. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and respectful with patients. I have a genetic joint hypermobility syndrome that affects all of my soft tissues, so my body reacts a bit differently to regular wear and tear than the “normal” human body. I’m athletic and live an active lifestyle. I try to take care of myself the best I can, but I still experience injuries that require extra help outside of what I can manage on my own at home. I’ve had adjustments, dry needling, Graston scraping, and cupping done. John has helped me recover from a torn QL, a sprained ankle, and reduced pain and increased range of motion after a surgery all in the span of 4 months. It is a tag team effort so I keep up with exercises and stretches at home in between appointments. Everyone else in the office is very friendly and helpful, and I love their proactive approach to health and wellness. I highly recommend John and the rest of the team at Centered Spine and Joint.

Sara F.

I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Centered Spine and Joint. I had a should issue in 2020 they helped with recovery on that kept me from having to have major surgery. I have moved since then. I will drive 30 minutes (past many other chiropractors) to go see only them due to the high level of care. And will continue to!

Sarah V.

Great job to Dr. Cory. Very detailed exam and very detailed plan for recovery. Excited to get back to good health.

Bob Z.

The whole office staff and Dr. are extremely courteous and respectful. He was very through with his exam. He also took the time to explain things to me and had a very good bedside manner. I also enjoyed that he is helping to educate me so I can be proactive with my health.

Mike L.

I’ve gone here a couple months now due to a injury that happened years ago. They gave me all the answers I needed and got me on the right track to recovery. I greatly appreciate Jen at the desk and Dr. John Fee they’ve done their best to make this the experience it was supposed to be.

Rex B.

I have seen Many chiropractors all over the country over the course of the 20 years I’ve been receiving care. And I can say unequivocally that my first visit with Dr. Corey was the most thorough and informative visit I’ve ever had at any office. He took ample time to assess, X-ray and discuss. I went in with a headache and left with much improvement after my first adjustment.

Julie N.

I’ve been going to chiropractors a very long time, and am very particular about who I’ll continue to see after being referred to someone. I find him to be extremely knowledgable not only in his particular field, but with all the other components as well. The fact that he offers other related treatments is a welcome bonus too. I highly recommend giving him a try…

Lily Z.

Incredible place! Dr. Corey and his staff are professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this practice. You won’t be disappointed.

Brandon S.

The staff diagnosed the problem with a nerve in my lower back. I was free of pain after the second visit. I thought I would just have to learn to live with it forever. A great experience and very affordable.

Gretchen B.

Very knowledgable! Not just your buy 4 rounds of adjustments and out of there….Corey really educates his patients, and gives exercises to help your specific issues!

Martin B.

Dr. Corey and his staff are fantastic. Very personable and happy to go in-depth about the science and reason behind his approach. His multifaceted approach to my shoulder and neck problems has helped reduce my issues significantly.

Jonah H.

Absolutely love this place! They take the time to listen to you and work with you to get to the best solution for healing and total health. Dr. Corey is great! The entire staff is friendly and helpful.

Terry B.

Very inviting and relaxing atmosphere! They will definitely take care of you here. Dr. Corey and his staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Cassie S.

As soon as my appointment was finished, I felt immediate relief! Wonderful staff!

Allison I.

Great, friendly staff! Dr Idrogo was wonderful! Helped my husband when he needed it most!

Debbie P.

Extremely nice people and thorough with everything they evaluate and do. Definitely would recommend them to everyone.

Ethan B.

I LOVE going here. Friendly faces and good energy. Dr. Corey is very informative and has great bed side manners! I highly recommend him if you need help.

Daisy D.

I can’t say enough with all the Great care I have been provided. I had so many different things that hurt, I didn’t know what life was like to sleep without pain. To get up and fix breakfast without pain.😊

Theresa D.

To state the obvious, not all chiropractors are created equal. In my opinion, Dr. Corey Idrogo is way above average. I have not been in great pain, but have noticed that I am starting to feel my age, particularly with low-level neck discomfort. I have now had 3 sessions, and while I am not “all better” I realize I probably will not be able to completely regain my younger body’s neck. The therapy and exercises have been helpful. Dr. Idrogo has friendly and competent staff. Collectively they do much more than make “adjustments” to your spine.

Rod H.

Dr. Corey is the best! For the past 5 months, I have not been able to run because of severe calf pain. After just two visits with Dr. Corey, I do not feel any pain while I run. It’s amazing. He is incredible thorough – I would recommend him to anyone!

Laura B.

Dr. Corey and his team are simply amazing! I can’t speak of them highly enough! If you’re in pain, go see them—you will leave feeling better, both physically and mentally! Highly recommend

Candace J.