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Treating Vertigo and Vestibular Conditions

Happy Wednesday! This blog comes to you from Dr. Kelly Mueller who practices out of our Red Bank location a couple days a week. Dr. Kelly has a passion for treating vertigo and vestibular conditions to help individuals go from clutching the walls with unsteadiness to feeling calm and confident as they carry on with their holiday shopping and busy gatherings this season without fear of when dizziness may hit them. Check out this client success story: 

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The idea of empty nesting became more than just a heartbreak for one of my clients…

My client — let’s call her Laura — woke up in a hotel room after driving through mountains to drop her oldest daughter off at college and never felt the same. ⛰️

What she was feeling was incredibly hard to describe, but it left her clutching the walls feeling the anxiety rising in her chest — anxiety was an old friend — but this was different. 🤨

She would say…

“It was like my brain was moving inside of my head… I’d reach for something and my hand wasn’t going where it was supposed to go.”

Have you ever felt that way? 🤔

If you’re a dizzy human 😵‍💫 and you’re not sure why.

You’ve tried everything and nothing is working to get you back on your feet to stay active in your life. 😞

💡I totally get it >>> let’s make the world slow down and be still for you. ⚖️🧍🏼‍♀️

This is for you.


Read Laura’s full story and her incredible recovery at

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