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Vestibular Symptoms with the Upcoming Holiday Season

Happy Wednesday

Oh my gosh, it’s already November y’all.

I see you with that shopping list in hand ready to get that turkey so it can thaw out before the big day. This is my first year hosting Thanksgiving and I found this “timeline” that plans prepping out for me — JACKPOT! I print it off and see it starts 1 month in advance…

Well shoot, I’m already behind.

For me a trip to the store is no biggy — the crowds, the fluorescent lighting, the busy shelves — I might be a little stressed out but it doesn’t ruin my day. It doesn’t send me to bed for hours or even into the next day. But if it does that to you, you are definitely not alone and that totally sucks.

Dealing with any vestibular symptom — where you feel like you can’t get off the rocking boat or focus in on the world around you — can make a simple trip to the store is the biggest adventure of your week.

You might even have full blown anxiety pulling into the Publix parking lot wondering if you can get everything quickly enough to make it back to your car without crawling out the doors.

Of course you feel that way, it’s terrifying!

If you are dreading the upcoming holidays because you aren’t sure if you can trust your body to get you through the idea of a crowded, noisy house has you already wanting to crawl into the fetal position in your bed- I totally get it and I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have time to start feeling back to your normal self someone that can do the grocery shopping calmly make it to the car still feel energized to watch that Hallmark movie with the fam

Are you ready to steady your world before the chaos of the holiday season?

E-mail kelly@keytochangewellness to get started!

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